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1. Is there any side-effect from massage and acupuncture treatments?

Answer: No, there are no side effects for either treatment. Massage and acupuncture are safe, natural treatments.

2. How could massage or acupuncture cure pain?

Answer: Pain is from energy blockage. Massage or acupuncture could open up the human body's meridians and balance the energy to flow normally. Such pain relief therapy is based upon Yin Yang theory and the five elements theory. Massage or acupuncture helps balance the human body's Yin Yang.

3. If I have muscle injuries or any soft tissue injuries, should I wait for massage or acupuncture treatment until my swelling and bruises are gone?

Answer: No, you shouldn't wait. If you don’t have broken bones and skin, you should have an immediate massage and acupuncture treatment.

4. I have hypertension and diabetes mellitus. Could massage and acupuncture help for my medical issues? 

Answer: Yes, the treatments of massage and acupuncture are very efficient and helpful for your medical problems. People who have undergone regular treatments with us have shown big improvements in their hypertension and diabetes and were finally healed.

5. Is massage helpful for Rheumarthritis or Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Answer: Yes, massage can improve energy flow for people who have Rheumarthritis or Rheumatoid Arthritis. Then, the pain, restrictive movements and swelling in their joints will be lessened.

6. If I already have massage or acupuncture treatment, can I also have other kind of treatments at the same time such as physical treatment or chiropractic treatment?

Answer: Yes.   There is no conflict between massage or acupuncture treatment and physical treatment or chiropractic treatment. All modalities can help one another to improve people's health.

7. I am on chemotherapy and radiotherapy for cancer.  Should I take massage or acupuncture treatment too? 

Answer: Yes, massage and acupuncture are natural healing processes and preventive therapies. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are not only poisonous to cancer cells, but also very toxic to normal tissues.  Massage and acupuncture can prevent normal tissue from toxin damages.  Therefore, your physical body will survive.  Massage and acupuncture are also very helpful for pain relief.

8. I have nerve damage in my legs and feet.  Is massage or acupuncture treatment helpful for my pain and numbness?

Answer: Yes, massage and acupuncture can balance your Qi movement and improve your nerve damage. Your feeling will be better and better. You can finally get healing.

9.  Sleep disorder is a common problem in our community.  Is massage helpful for this disorder?

Answer: Yes, massage can change sleep patterns and heal sleep disorders. Both Qi stagnancy and Qi shortage can cause sleep disorders. Massage treatment can balance the energy flow and Yin Yang.  When Qi flows normally,sleep disorders will typically go away.

10. What should I do before or after my massage or acupuncture treatment?

Answer:  For massage treatment, patients could take a shower to relax their muscles before or after the massage. Patients shouldn't eat too much before or after the massage treatment.  It is recommended that patients drink more water after a massage treatment.  For acupuncture treatment, patients should avoid a large meal immediately before or after acupuncture treatment, prepare a certain relaxing time after acupuncture treatment, and keep skin clean without a shower for 24 hours after treatment.  



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