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            Early stage cancer may arise from energy blockage. Patients may feel full, swollen and painful. The treatment strategy for this stage of cancer is to remove the blockage. There could be several reasons for this blockage: injury, infection, poison, medication, etc. The treatment focuses on targeting both causes and symptoms.  As energy is made to flow normally, the patient would be healing.

              Late stage cancer is from both Qi and Yin deficiency. The strategy for treatment entails tonifing vital Qi, keeping spleen Qi strong, and strengthening Yin. For example, colon cancer is a very common issue in North America. Chemotherapy is still a good choice for most patients. Besides attacking cancer by chemotherapy, however, it is necessary to strengthen patient’s Qi and Yin. Medical massage and acupuncture serve to tonify Qi and nourish Yin.  The healing approach focuses on Yin Yang balance and normal energy flow.

             The majority of diabetes patients’ health issues arise due to Yin deficiency, improper diet (indulgence in a fatty and or sweet diet), emotional imbalance, and/or sexual overstraining. The therapeutic principle focuses on causes and symptoms, supplementing Qi and nourishing Yin. Certain exercises can supply extra Qi in human body. Healthy diet can nourish Yin. Massage and acupuncture can supplement Qi, nourish Yin and make Yin and Yang balance, necessary healing strategies. 

              In conventional medicine, neuropathy refers to any diseased condition of the nervous system. Causes may arise from injury, medication, infection, stroke, alcohol, vitamin deficiency and so on.  Symptoms of neuropathy include numbness, pain, stiffness, muscle atrophy, etc. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), neuropathy is also called Wei Syndrome.  Causes include heat, damp heat, and liver/kidney deficiency. Treatment methods involve clearing the lungs, moistening dryness, eliminating dampness and heat, drying dampness, and resolving mucus.

             As discussed previously, pain is an early signal for many medical issues and energy blockage.  Medical massage and acupuncture are ideally suited to open such energy blockage, balance Yin and Yang, and push the energy flow.  As long as the energy is flowing, the medical situation will get better and better, and the pain will be less and less. Then, the human body can finally get healed.

            Medical massage and acupuncture are therapeutic and preventive procedures for body health. There are fewer side effects with these treatments.  ZZ Health can help you get a healthy body as well as a high quality life—all through medical massage and acupuncture treatments.   



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