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Dr. Zhang has dramatically improved my well being.  In four month's time I have gone from having what I thought were simply middle-aged aches and pains to being what I call "ache-less."  I have found relief from ongoing problems with sleep as well as help with stress-related ailments.  Dr. Zhang's treatments are invaluable! ----Lisa R. 

After a serious knee injury I began to work with Dr. Xiaodong Zhang.  With his expertise blending traditional Chinese medical practice with Western medical treatment, Dr. Zhang’s skills have healed not only my knee but my lower back, plantar fascitis, and upper shoulder mobility.  His broad knowledge has helped me understand my health in a more holistic way—and I have benefited much from his suggestions about eating well, trying new exercises, and balancing daily activities better.  I genuinely appreciate his friendliness, good listening skills, and his professional manner.  I have recommended his services highly to my friends and colleagues.   ----Dr. Nancy Watterson, Assistant Professor, Cabrini College.

I had neuropathy for 20 years. My symptoms include lower back pain and numbness of both legs. I had been taking a lot of medications all the time. Those medications made my situation worse. Last year, I began to work with Dr. Zhang in Havertown PA. I have benefited much from his excellent acupuncture treatments. No side effects. Amazing!----Diane L.

Miracle! I used to get some really nasty migraines and headaches. Dr. Zhang healed me by medical massage and acupuncture.          --- Meghan R.  


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